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University Texas Tower HDR

It isn’t everyday you get a chance to shoot photos of the University Texas Tower HDR with the tower being all orange! So when you get the chance make sure you shoot it right! I shot this photo with a Canon 5D with a 24-105 F4 lens on a Benro Tripod using my Promote control to get 9 exposures. During these times you will find numerous photographers in the area. I am still waiting to get the photo of the Tower in Orange with the number 1 displayed on the tower using each particular window lit up to create the 1.

My typical work flow includes Lightroom, Photomatix to merge all 9 photos and then some Photoshop work.

University Texas Tower HDR - 512photoz


Camera Information:

Canon 5D MarkII – Fstop: f/18 – Exposure Time: 3.2 (5th frame) – ISO: 400 – Focal Length: 50mm

Fine art prints are available for purchase at Georgetown Antiques and Artisans located on the square in Georgetown Texas.


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Alfredo & Caro Wedding

We were invited to attend Alfredo & Caro’s wedding in El Paso, Texas. It was small ceremony on June 13, 2015  at the Beth El Bible Church located off of Montana Avenue. It was a beautiful ceremony with Pastor Eric Paul performing the services. After the reception at the church we then drove out to the east side of El Paso for the party. It was held at Caro’s relatives house and it was spectacular. this occasion was truly a family affair as everyone pitched in to help provide food and drinks. The cake was as good tasting as it was beautifully decorated. The west Texas sunset provided a spectacular orange glow to completed the wonderful occasion! Best of luck to the newlyweds and Congratulations on the new house!

Alfredo & Caro Wedding - by 512photoz

Alfredo & Caro Wedding - by 512photoz

Alfredo & Caro Wedding - by 512photoz

Alfredo & Caro Wedding - by 512photoz

Alfredo & Caro Wedding - by 512photoz

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Dallas Cowboys Football Stadium

We were headed to the Texas Rangers baseball game and had been sitting in the car waiting for the rain to stop. From the parking lot you can see the Dallas Cowboys Football Stadium and it was enormous. Even from the distance it is larger than life and almost looks like it from another world. I have always been a Dallas Cowboys fan even though I am originally from Ohio. i knew I was going to a Rangers game so I had my Canon 7D with me. So I changed lenses from the 70-200mm to the 24-105 F4. This photo is actually 3 photos that I shot handheld and processed in Photomatix and then back to Lightroom for a few tweeks. With the Dallas Cowboys 2015 season behind us we can tell by the sun peeking through the clouds that the future is bright! GO COWBOYS!

Most of my fine art prints are available for purchase at Georgetown Antiques and Artisans located on the square in Georgetown Texas.

Dallas Cowboys Football Stadium


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Deerfield Beach Pier

Sometimes we get to be in the right place and the right time to appreciate the beauty of nature and we were vacationing in Fort Lauderdale Florida and I had wanted to go to the Deerfield Beach Pier for sunrise. I had planned this shoot for almost a month. I got up early to grab a cup of coffee before heading down to the pier. I walked outside and it was pouring the rain! I quickly checked my phone to see how big of a storm had erupted overnight. I was delighted to see that it was just one single cloud raining on my parade and it was about to pass in less than an hour. It was still sprinkling as we made our way to the car and drove down to the pier. We got to the beach just as the glorious sun began to crack through the cloud cover.

Hardware: Canon 5D with 24-105 F4 lens, Promote Control on Benro Tripod.

Edited in Lightroom and Photomatix software

Deerfield Beach Pier at Sunrise in Florida USA

Deerfield Beach Pier at Sunrise in Florida USA

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El Santuario De Chimayo

We visited Santa Fe New Mexico in April and decided to take a drive out to see the El Santuario De Chimayo located in Chimayo, New Mexico. Out in the middle of nowhere, off the beaten path is this amazing church with an abundance of culture and history. It is well worth the drive to be amazed with a National Historic landmark.  Be sure to check out all the history associated with this historic landmark El Santuario De Chimayo Website .    It was built in 1816 and is still an active part of the community.

Chimayo Church

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