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Preacher SXSW 2016

We had went to SXSW 2016 and one of the things I wanted to see was the AMC Preacher display of the upside down church. We found out that there was a twitter contest for a meet and greet with the creators and cast. This would include show creators Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg (executive producers and directors), and Sam Catlin (writer, also wrote Breaking Bad)  and cast members Dominic Cooper, Joe Gilgun and Ruth Negga.  I tweeted a photo from my wife’s phone with a photo of the both of us in front of the church and hoped for the best. I got up Monday morning and noticed I had missed direct message from AMC Preacher that I had 2 hours to reply to win a pass for the meet and greet with the cast and crew! Well it was 6:30 in the morning so I replied back thinking I had missed my chance. About 8:30 am I received a reply that I had until 10am to get to the #welcometoannville display downtown next to the Austin Convention Center. After a long talk with my wife and arguing with myself I decided to take the chance and head on downtown, this was a once in a lifetime chance! I finally made it downtown through all the traffic and found roof top parking. It was just before 10am when I made it to Annville and there was no one on site and the gate was closed. I kept waiting until a couple of other people showed up and then a line begin to form. Once they opened the gate there Preacher crew checked the twitter message and verified that I had actually won! After standing around and waiting in line…

I hope you enjoy the photos of my meet and greet! Cant wait until May 22 for the premiere of Preacher on AMC.

Preacher Church - 512photoz - Preacher SXSW

Preacher Church from top of parking garage - 512photoz

Preacher Church HDR - 512photoz

Preacher SXSW Cast and Crew - 512photoz

Joe Gilgun - 512photoz Preacher SXSW

Ruth Negga - 512photoz Preacher SXSW

Dominic Cooper - 512photoz Preacher SXSW

Sam Catlin - 512photoz Preacher SXSW

Evan Goldberg - Seth Rogen - 512photoz Preacher SXSW


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